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Welcome to Atomic Business Skills Training

Welcome to Atomic Business Skills Training, where we highlight real-world business situations within our training courses. We provide you the best vehicle for you to manage and overcome your specific challenges. If you are looking to get the best in business skills training, you’ve come the right place. Atomic offers you unique programs to help you achieve your goals and advance your or your employee’s careers.

Three ways to Train

One to Two Day Courses Hosted By Atomic

One to Two Day Courses On-site At Your Facility

E-Learning Courses with Reporting

Come to one of our workshops and become more knowledgeable in common business problem areas, such as Leadership, Management, and Change Agency.

Our proven trainers come to your facility and give in-depth training to your employees and staff. Receive specific guidance in person to achieve results in presentations, leadership, and management.

Our online courses allows you or your coworkers to train at your own pace. Each course is trackable, interactive,  and provides benchmarks and status updates as more is achieved, including certificates of completion.

All problems solved, now let me sleep!

Do challenges at work often come into mind right before you fall asleep? Why is it that so many people begin to think about work problems while they’re falling asleep? One reason is because your brain is beginning to relax as it prepares for sleep, and all of the...

Are you the problem fixer?

Become the go to problem solver, shape the organizational direction, and gain control over outcomes. There’s a huge problem at work. Who gets the call? Usually, the “fixer”, someone who knows how to solve problems, and will know just what to do. For some people,...

If I only had the time…

Manage yourself and your relationships to get more from both, and less stress in your life.   “If I only had the time, I could do this with my kids, my wife, my husband, my job.” How many times have you said this to yourself? If you’re like most people, you...

What Skills Do We Focus On?

At Atomic Business Skills Training we focus on managerial skills that are developed through real-world experience, the proverbial rite of passage that education leaves to chance when grooming future managers and leaders for the world of business — the “other half” of management. We offer the skills and knowledge that will give aspiring and current leaders and managers the advantage of setting the pace in their field — not following it.

Real World Situations

Have you ever had problems handling personal, disrespectful, or destructive comments from colleagues or customers? We train our participants in the skills they need to handle common, real world situations. Learn how to respond effectively and professionally, and maintain your career trajectory and authority. You’ve worked too hard to be derailed by the negative attitudes of others, now learn how to handle them.

Future Leaders

At Atomic, we train you in the essential soft skills that are vital to balancing the technical aspects of managerial know-how and forming a well-rounded basis of expertise. Without this training, advancement is left to chance and one’s ability of adjusting to and simultaneously keeping up with a continuously demanding profession without proper preparation — an effective weeding out of potentially revolutionizing minds who simply lack the experience to thrive in responsibility.

Human Resources

We understand the challenges faced by your internal HR department. That’s why we focus training your employees in the soft skills they need, and continuing the education beyond our training sessions through our virtual platform. We provide progress reports and ongoing assessments as needed for all of our training solutions.

Senior Management

Trust Atomic to provide all of the necessary skills and materials your employees will use to maximize achievement — and ambition.


Atomic Business Skills Training was a wise investment for our business.  We have managers and supervisors who were in need of development of their skills and with the demands of the business, there were challenges in sending people outside the organization to receive training.  The solution?  One call to Atomic Business Skills Training!

I highly recommend Mike Burke and Atomic to help out any business.

Joan Van Geest

Senior HR Business Partner, Veritiv

I have worked with and admire the change management skill of Mike Burke. Mike has the ability to help teams define a path to the future, determine stakeholders and action plans, and most importantly execute the master plan. His positive attitude in a change environment is contagious. If your business plans require significant change, Mike Burke can help you make it become a reality.

Michael Feenan

Vice President North America, SCA Personal Care

What Makes Atomic Different?

Our training is developed and facilitated either face to face or online by Mike Burke, a proven front line business leader who is passionate about skills training.

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