One of the most crucial habits that differentiate the achievers from under-achievers is smart time management. Both have the exact amount of minutes daily but it’s the achiever’s proactive way to utilize their time that makes all the difference. Learning the strategies of good time management will give you a step up on your success ladder. Time management is no rocket science; the key is to be really strategic when navigating through your day.

  1. Maintain a to-do list

When you have to complete too many tasks in a day, it gets pretty overwhelming and it’s common to forget some of them in between- and when you remember them end of the day, everything gets messed up. To avoid the situation, the best thing is to create a to-do list for every day. This will help you to stay updated about each task due for the day.

  1. Finish the urgent tasks first

You have to structure the to-do list in order of priorities. Check out the deadline for each task and place the most urgent tasks on your list at the top, followed by the not-so-urgent ones and so on.

  1. Set time goals

Don’t just list your activities that need to be done for the day but also attach time limits to them. So, don’t just say “I will do it” and rather note “I would do it in 4 hours.”

  1. Start early

Studies show that when you wake up early, you feel fresh and more energized to take up on the challenges ahead. On the other hand, a late start pushes you to lethargy hurting your attitude and overall productivity.

  1. Take breaks

It is unhealthy to go on working without breaks. You would need volumes of energy to stay productive throughout the day and little breaks in between tasks help you to breathe and gain the desired energy further. Prolonged hours of work without break can drain all your energy in a short time.

  1. Clear distractions

When you are into urgent tasks, stay away from all the distractions- switch off your phone, close the windows of social networking profiles and stop talking to colleagues. You can save those for your break time.

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