A Wealth of Experience



What an awesome site. It was always a pleasure to work with you as you brought your considerable knowledge, experience, and skills to helping others reach their goals in the business community – including mine. To see you channel your wealth of experience into your launch and development of Atomic Business Skills Training is an amazing accomplishment and many organizations and leaders in business will surely benefit from your expertise.

Best, Dominique

Dominique Cunningham, MBA
Manager of Data Analytics at KIPP Massachusetts

Whatever Mike Decides to Do – It Will Get Done


I had the pleasure- and good fortune, to work and grow under Mikes leadership. The leader taught us how to lead and grow our business- and how to have fun in the process. It was always a team- not us and him. Under Mike we all felt as equals and the results showed in the bottom line. Whatever Mike decides to do- it will get done. If there are roadblocks Mike will create a mindset to achieve a goal- and empower his team to reach those goals- with him on the sidelines. A true leader and great person to work for. Mike will succeed at whatever he decides to do.

Kevin Fitzpatrick
Packaging Design Services - Consulting Services

I Always Felt I Had Someone in My Corner


I had the pleasure of starting out my sales career with Mike as my division manager. Especially as a new rep, I faced some challenges that I felt I wasn’t prepared for and that he was never afraid of addressing. We broke difficult situations down and went after them together as a team giving me confidence and experience in order to face future challenges on my own. He believed in personal development and product training, never denying anything that would benefit a growing, successful career. I always felt like I had someone in my corner and the only way I could fail is if I didn’t believe in myself as much as he did. I believe Mike will be successful no matter what he decides to do in life because he has the drive to do so.

Jessica Wines
Packaging and Facilities Supplies Account Manager at Veritiv

MIke Burke – A Trusted Leader


To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this recommendation in support of Mike Burke. In my role as Group Vice President for xpedx, Mike reported to me as the division manager for our Cleveland facility. This role included all aspects of the business (operations, sales, distribution, etc.). Mike was a highly sought after leader within our business. He has a proactive style and can effectively communicate at all levels within the organization. Mike also has strong problem solving abilities. He helped navigate the division through a very difficult period. He filled the leadership role, rebuilt his team, developed a trust within the entire workforce, and delivered positive performance results. One of the other strengths that Mike possesses is his ability to connect with the customer and the ability to develop programs that provide value. In closing, Mike was trusted leader who needed little direction, and could consistently be depended on for making sound decisions.

Dennis Walsh
Former Group Vice President at Xpedx

A Wise Investment


Atomic Business Skills Training was a wise investment for our business.  We have managers and supervisors who were in need of development of their skills and with the demands of the business, there were challenges in sending people outside the organization to receive training.  The solution?  One call to Atomic Business Skills Training!

Joan Van Geest
Senior HR Business Partner at Veritiv Corp

Contagious Positive Attitude


I have worked with and admire the change management skill of Mike Burke. Mike has the ability to help teams define a path to the future, determine stakeholders and action plans, and most importantly execute the master plan. His positive attitude in a change environment is contagious. If your business plans require significant change, Mike Burke can help you make it become a reality.

Michael Feenan
Vice President - INCO North America at Essity formerly SCA Personal Care

A Great Leader


Mike was always in control in any situation, with a positive, keep moving forward attitude. A great leader.

Anthony Kleb
Packaging Consultant at Veritiv